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We are delighted you would like to join us.  Here is a little about us and what you may like to know prior to applying.  We are a hybrid salon, which means we have both booth renters, and employees of the salon.  Employees include assistants, concierge team, stylists, and management.

Booth Renters rent the month, week, day or the hour in the salon. In order to be allowed to apply in booth renter status you must have current clientele, have no need of training from senior staff members and be a team player. Our employee stylists are compensated based on the level they are in the salon.  For full time employees our benefits include tool reimbursement, tools you may use apart of the salon, laundry, medical,  401K benefits, and paid time off benefits.  

We are in the mindset of we are always looking to add valuable people to join our team and salon family.  For the process of applying for booth renter or employee it is the same.  Please fill out the form below and call or text 925-324-4155 to set up an interview.  Our concierge team will either follow up with you and or schedule you a time to come in right then and there. We can't wait to meet you.

Please note if the form is not filled out in its entirety we will not respond, this includes social media handles.  We use social media as looking through a portfolio.  If you do not have a social media it is not required of booth renters but is of employees please put "NONE" in that box so that we are aware it was seen.  Please note depending on where we are in the hiring process it may take two weeks to reply to your application.  We reply to everyone who fills out the form in its entirety, regardless if we are currently taking hires.  

Texting to follow up with your application is not required but always looks positive.  

Again we cannot wait to meet you!

Flowers Salon Application Form
Which location are you applying for?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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